Interactive T-shirt with Changeable Accessories

Children T-shirt VIOLETTA will be perfect for Halloween celebration and will complement adventurous and imaginative girls, who likes spooky glam. The illustration is inspired by vampire girl hand-drawn in doll style. It is interactive and playfull, as it has a changeable dress and a star on hoop and loop tape. In the basic set you will get an extra changеable dress and the colouring card of your favourite doll as a gift. For more moody outfits select additional changeable items in the box above.

The t-shirts are handmade and sewed with cooperation with leading sewing factory in Latvia. Made of high quality softest material: 96% organic cotton and 4% elastane. At the moment this model is available for girls aged 4-10 with short and long sleeves.

Mix, Match & Play!

Weight: 140 g

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