Interactive T-shirt with Changeable Accessories

Introducing our children's T-shirt featuring the HARLEY design: Crafted for those who exude attitude and character, this unique doll-style illustration pays tribute to the enigmatic movie character, Harley Quinn. Designed by STAR PARTY SHOP's visionary artist, Vineta, this portrayal captures the essence of a dreamy yet unpredictable 'Daddy's Little Monster,' with a whimsical touch reminiscent of an arlekin. With a changeable dress and a star on hoop and loop tape, it's interactive and captivating.

Jump into the creativity and dress up with an extra dress included in the basic set, accompanied by a coloring card of your favorite doll as a gift. For an even more unique style, explore additional changeable items above.

Handmade in collaboration with a leading sewing factory in Latvia, these t-shirts are crafted from premium materials: 96% organic cotton and 4% elastane, ensuring exceptional softness. Available in white, with both short and long sleeves for ages 2-12. Each t-shirt is part of a limited edition, adding an exclusive touch to your wardrobe. Get ready to embrace your inner character with Mix, Match & Play, where confidence and creativity know no bounds.

Weight: 140 g

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