Evil Eye Protection Bracelet

The rope bracelets with decorative natural stones and beads will make perfect addition to your daily outfit and bring good luck in your everyday life.

SYMBOLIC MEANING. The pink string bracelet brings love and happiness. The evil eye is a protective charm, said to shield you from negativity and harm. It is a sacred symbol to keep you safe and wards off negative energy. Rose quartz is healing stone promoting love, calming emotions, and creating a sense of peace and harmony. Hematite - improves circulation, stimulates concentration and focus, enhancing memory and original thought.

TRADITION. For protection over your emotional or personal life, such as relationship and feelings wear the bracelet on your left wrist. This is because the left side of our body is the side of the heart and as such, linked to our emotions. For protection over material things like work, money and projects, wear on your right wrist. It is believed that when evil eye cracks or falls off, it has done its job in protecting you from bad luck or misfortune and should be replaced.

MATERIALS AND USAGE. The pink string bracelet are hand crafted using high quality nylon string, rose quartz, hematite star and glass eye decorated with silver color stainless steel details. The bracelet is waterproof and washable that means there is no need to remove it when showering or swimming. The nylon cord is strong and durable. It expands to easy slip onto any sized wrist and can be tightened to fit, that makes is suitable for kids and adults.

UNIQUE GIFT. Bracelet comes wit explanatory card and is gift ready. It makes a unique and meaningful gift for any occasion that can be popped inside a card as a sentiment or as an add on to any gift for friends and family and also yourself.

VARIATIONS. If you prefer different color of rope, metal and natural stones you can choose it in the previous section (BRACELETS).

WARNING! Please note, due to small parts used, our bracelets are not recommended for children under age of 4.

Weight: 6 g

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